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Why you just can’t lose tummy fat


Last week a dear friend of mine sent me two pictures of her back, followed by a message which read “Morning, I have mentioned that I don’t really want to lose weight. I do however have fatty areas that get on my nerves and simply don’t seem to want to go away. I’ll send you pics. Any advice will be greatly appreciated”. Less than a minute later she sends the pictures below.




I was a bit distracted so I responded with “you said these are fatty deposits? But you don’t want to lose fat? I’ll call you later” She sent another response saying “I don’t want them to sag over my bra lol. Can’t you see how disgusting it looks. So flaming jelly like! It needs to firm up. Sure, we’ll speak after work”. This message upset me because firstly this looks normal to me, and  I don’t like when anyone uses disgusting to describe any part of their body even in jest – please say ” I don’t like X Or Y” if you must, but disgusting? No. Not even to a friend.

Now we are all human beings and designed to carry fat for survival, we all carry excess fat in different places, mine is tummy and bum and thighs too!. Some carry more fat in their arms, some their thighs. Where we carry more fat is purely down to our genetics, when we put on weight, it is likely to show in those areas first. And sadly, when we lose weight those areas are the last to go! I know  it’s frustrating!! Also  as we get older – past 35 ladies, you will notice your muscle density changes and yes fat deposits in certain areas more, its  inevitable unless you get on top of your eating and change your training style.

So what is the answer to her question – can she lose those ” bits” without losing overall body fat? The answer is no, she says she wants to firm up not lose weight though? – well the thing is you can’t firm up fat. What you can try and do with commitment and discipline  is change your body composition by  changing your diet and building muscle and dropping body fat, she may need to just tweak  her diet and start strength training to build lean muscles – as you can see she is already slim!

But oh! No one wants muscles! People just wanna “tone” right. Well there is no such thing as “tone” no such thing as ” firm” what you mean to say  is build lean muscle.  To do that you need to eat better and deliberately change your body composition through diet and style of exercise. Hang up your running shoes and pick up some weights, even your own body weight will do,  Any type of resistance training

3 Tips to lose fat all over 

  • Sugar. Dump sugar. When I say sugar people usually think table sugar, pastries, cakes, etc. Yes but you also have to understand that all carbs, white or brown converts eventually to sugar, so portion control all carbs too. That means rice, potatoes, yams, including the brown varieties. Please don’t eliminate carbs but control the portion  and understand that all carbs convert or breakdown to sugar. If you are over 35 you need to pay more attention to simple sugar, it sticks like glue to the midsection.  Also, most people tend to think that added sugar is mainly found in desserts like cookies and cakes, but it’s also found in many savory foods, like bread and pasta sauce – I honestly will never use Dolmio tomatoes sauce fir anything because if the sugar content. And some foods promoted as “natural” or “healthy” are laden with added sugar compounding the confusion, most yogurts come to mind here! Fat free but maddened with sugar!!! manufacturers add sugar to 74% of packaged foods sold in supermarkets. That’s a fact and not cool. Moral of the story don’t buy packaged food.
  1. Sugar. Avoid Sugar. I know again right. Yes. This time I want to address sugar in fruits and fruit juices. I know you don’t drink fizzy drinks ! . Some of you juice up to 4 fruits in one sitting! Good grieve!!!!! This is just sugar with sprinklings of nutrients. Please juice vegetables e.g Spinach, Kale, Mint and one Apple! Stick with one piece of fruit in your juice! Sugar is sugar is sugar. Yes it has nutrients, but it’s still sugar so don’t consume it like it’s going out of fashion.
  • More about fruits; Let me tell you something, you see the pink lady apple, it is 12% sugar. They have been engineered on sweetness, shapes, colors and resistance to disease. But mostly sugar, sugar, sugar. Of course you can eat fruits as part of a healthy and balanced diet, but if you juice 3 or 4, then have oats with honey, washed down with orange juice, hey it’s all healthy stuff, but its still all sugar! And no your midsection wouldn’t change, because all it recognizes is the sugar! If you want tasty and lower sugar fruits – try all the berries!
  1. Final tip! Avoid hidden Sugar! I know! But sugar is a demon. Let me address this thing with honey! Honey is sugar. Let me say it again honey is sugar. Full stop.

Where  is sugar hidden

  1. Leading brand of yogurts some  contain 7 teaspoons (29 grams) of sugar per serving!!! My favourite yogurt is Fage, Total! The one without honey!
  2. A breakfast bar made with “real fruit” and “whole grains” lists at least 15 grams of sugar.
  3. A cranberry/pomegranate juice product, also advertising “no high-fructose corn syrup” and “100% Vitamin C,” contains 30 grams of added sugar per 8 oz. serving. Some of the sugar is naturally occurring, but some of it has been added.

We know so much about diet and exercise now,  it’s time to convert that knowledge to personal power and stop letting people lie to you or sell you false quick fixes. Be empowered. Whatever you want to achieve.

p.s – The picture of me above shows what is possible after two children with diet and excercise at this present time I do not look this lean. This was for a bikini competition  and for three months I ate really well and strictly, I ate more food that I ever want to eat again!! to build muscles you have to eat loads! I STILL EAT LOADS! and I trained for 6 days a week.


The Politics of Beauty


I don’t enjoy Tennis, I yawn at Wimbledon. But over the years I’ve caught glimpses of the Williams sisters and I’ve been inspired and motivated by them; not just because they are winners but because they appear to win on their own terms. I came across a picture of Serena Williams 2 weekends ago looking majestic, strong, toned and defined. She was on a beach, wearing a bikini. The comments under her picture were vile. She was called a gorilla, a chick with a dick, a man. I had to inhale, squint and scroll back up to look at the picture again; what had I missed? I had missed nothing. So I put the picture on my FB page saying something along the lines of ‘ I’m shocked at the vile comments this picture is receiving, she looks amazing”. I expected rounds of agreement. Silence. Silence. Silence, until one very vocal FB male friend chimed in. In his view Serena looked dreadful. Too much muscles. Too manly. Too overweight. In his opinion the bikini look was certainly not for her. And so a debate ensued with just a handful of people supporting Serena. The silence was deafening. The silence convinced me that most people agreed with him.

You may be reading this and think so what’s my point? What’s the big deal if one or more people think Serena looked dreadful. Let me stress and emphasis that it is not whether or not a lot of people find her attractive that is the issue. The issue for me is that the world is going crazy where body image is concerned. The issue for me is that too many people only equate a certain type of body shape with beauty. The issue is that as beautifully made as we are, most women, and in particular most black women don’t fit into this ideal. This is a big deal. It is a big deal because we are expected to integrate, be confident, love ourselves, value ourselves and be the best versions of ourselves whilst simultaneously hearing and seeing messages saying we look manly, too mussily, too aggressive’.

There are a lot of people who will argue that attractiveness is subjective. And so all those people calling Serena a dreadful simply don’t find her attractive. But is beauty really so subjective when we are constantly fed and bombarded with images of what beauty should look like. How subjective is beauty when everything that shouts beautiful, pretty, alluring of desirable isn’t bigger or more rounded than a size 12 . How subjective is beauty when Serena Williams a fit and visibly strong athlete is called such vile and emotive names.

Some people say curves are in; big bums are in, and in turn there is more celebration of the natural curves black women sport. But please look around and tell me whose big bums are celebrated ( leaving aside the fact that it is repulsive to reduce us to bums in the first instance). Black women have been sporting big bums since before Jenny from the block and before Kim K, but strangely these curves are more desirable in everyone but black women. Serena’s bum was sitting up high like she had been doing squats from her mother’s womb; not one compliment. What does this tell you? Her tummy was flat and it flattered her waist and hips; not one compliment. The body fascist couldn’t deal flesh just that bit thicker than the acceptable ‘ magazine ‘curvy’ which is mostly a size 10 or12 (British size).

Serena’s body type doesn’t fit into what we are constantly brainwashed to accept; long and thin. At one point my FB friend changed the argument and said what was dreadful was her bikini. The bikini was not a good look for her. Let’s keep it real. The bikini look was as close to her being naked as it comes. The bikini in question was not ill fitting. It was not too tight. It was not too small. It fitted perfectly. It was the body he had an issue with. A body typical of many black women. If he is reading this he will no doubt accuse me of playing the race card, again. And if you are reading this and think race doesn’t play a role in the politics of beauty then you are naive. What was telling was his use of the word ‘aggressive’ How can the body of a woman strolling on the beach be aggressive? Yes, this is a race issue. It is indirect discrimination by the media and by everyone who has been brainwashed into accepting one body type as the ideal. And just in case you didn’t know, indirect discrimination is often less obvious. When a practice seems fair because it applies to everyone equally, but on closer look shows that some people are disproportionately affected then it’s indirect discrimination. We are constantly bombarded with “thin, slim, long, lean” as standards of beauty and yes this applies universally ( in the Western World at least) but when most black women can’t even begin, for genetic reasons fit into this ideal, then it is discrimination. And yes it is a race issue.

I am worried and very concerned about the amount of people who have been brainwashed into believing that beauty only comes in one guise; slim, fairly toned, but not too much muscles, even for an athlete who earns her living on her physicality. For the first time in my life I think my eyes really opened to the discrimination, bullying, and nastiness faced by those whose body type don’t fit the ‘mould’. And it really bothers me.

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