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5 Nigerian foods killing your goals


All I said on my Facebook page was ” stop eating fried plantain every time you eat rice or jollof rice” Honestly,  you’d have thought I said Ghanian Jollof rice was better than Nigerian Jollof rice from the amount of people who came for me!

This did get me thinking though! About the worst Nigerian foods for ones waistline, and yes, before I go into this we do not eat fried plantain in my house (unless guests are coming!). Let me be clear, there is no difference between fried Plantain and Chips. Two great vegetables turned to killers on plates.

So here are the worst offenders stopping you achieving your goals – in the end I had to include two drinks

Ayamase stew!

Have you ever cooked this popular Yoruba stew? I have! It’s yummy no doubt! but I can tell you for nothing, there will be no weight loss, no Teyana Taylor body if you eat this ish often. And when I say often I mean even once a week. Okay lets dissect the key things that make this dish awful for your waist line. First, palm oil, let me be clear!!! Palm oil is a great oil, do not let the West demonise it for us!!! my ancestors have been eating palm oil for decades! Used as a cooking oil, palm oil has a high burning point and is safer than (for example) olive oil.  but not the quantity used in Ayamase! Because a fat is still a fat!! And calories still matter. The calorie count for a tablespoon of palm oil is 120 calories. And let’s get real, you’ll be consuming at least 4 tablespoons in your stew,  that’s 480 calories! Of oil alone.  And we haven’t added the fried meat yet! On average, a portion of Ayamase, with fried assorted meat is over 850 calories – we haven’t added the rice remember,  and you are adding dodo!! Ohhh!  shall I go into the grams of fat? No I didn’t think so! You get my point.

TIP: If you take a peak at any stew and see oil floating on top, run!! Trans fat!

Fried plantain and Eggs

This is a disaster. Shambles. You want to kill yourself? Okay then kontinue. This is worst than Ayamase because some of y’all eat this mess every weekend! Or twice a week! Everyday!! Yepa!! You take a perfectly great vegetable and protein source and turn them in a high calorific atrocity! And there is no redeeming factor because vegetable oil has no redeeming factor.  None. In one meal you are easily consuming 900 calories or more!

Puff Puff

Puff Puff is doughnut. Stop lying to yourself. This one pains me to write cause I love puff puff! And I’ll eat it when I’m out! Because it’s a special treat! But I’ll stop at 3 maximum! And never every weekend! Christmas, Easter, you get the drift! Not only is this snack deep fried! The dough is made up of flour , sugar, yeast! Nothing good! And I now see that some of y’all be eating it with ice cream! Are you for fucking real! Kontinue. Make sure your life insurance is up to date ooo – don’t leave loved ones with financial stress and a mess  when you are gone!

Agege bread

Okay, you already know that white bread has no redeeming factor! And you see, the Nigerian bread is worse! Unlike the bread where I reside – I’m sorry to burst your bubble but the bread in Nigeria taste better than the bread in the UK because they are killing iy and you with the added sugar!! Not because they are better bakers!! Wake up people!! most sliced bread in the UK contains only 2-4% sugars – and much of this is naturally occurring, it is not ‘added’. The last time I was in Nigeria! Enjoying bread and egg – I could taste the sugar – so delicious!! But if you are watching your waistline so wrong! I do not demonise bread. Only the type you eat. Please eat wholemeal, Ezekiel and the likes, if like me you enjoy it, but that Agege bread! No no no! and the ones you buy in London from Finsbury park called dough bread!! I shudder! I picked it up once at someone’s house – I looked at the back I swear the E-NUMBERS ALONE!! ENOUGH SAID.

Condensed milk!!

You people are still drinking this, in your tea, in your coffee!! Okay here are the facts. It contains 62 calories for a mere tablespoon. 1 tbsp serving of regular sweetened condensed milk contains almost 2 g of fat. The fat in condensed milk is primarily saturated fat, which can negatively impact cardiovascular health. A tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk contains over 10 g of carbohydrates, all of which are sugars. I CAN’T GO ON. Why are you doing this!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Maltina and the likes!!

My heart wept when I read this  on a popular blog about Maltina and its cousins (all the other malt drinks)

” Maltina’s claim to fame is that it was the first malt drink to be produced locally in Nigeria. The drink comes in 33cl bottles and it has a distinct, rich and creamy taste like no other malt drink on the market. The drink’s manufacturer, Nigerian Breweries Plc (aka Heineken) are also keen to point out its health benefits as Maltina includes a wide array of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C, as well as calcium. Given all of the above, it’s probably no wonder that Maltina has become available abroad at British retailer Tesco and has over 5,000 followers on Twitter”.

What the actual Fuck!! Tesco sells Chocolate and cakes and pies and all other unhealthy stuff what does maltina being stocked at Tesco tell us – they are catering to their consumers – they are chasing the money like any other business!!! Here is the truth!! Forget the jagbajantis claim of vitamin just eat one small orange! The calorie in this demon is 188! Oh and 45 grams of carbohydrate – that’s more than my breakfast of toast and eggs!! If you really want that vitamin A eat a cup of Kale it gives you more with less than 50 calories!!

Eat well. Eat  Smart.

let me feed you

Peppered Stew

Last year we celebrated my husband’s 40th birthday with close friends and family dining and partying the entire weekend. We ate food far removed from the Nigerian Cuisine; perfectly cut pieces of steak, timed to cook to perfection.  There was no such  serenren this year. Instead, I  cooked Nigerian food, for him and his squash buddies.  They dined on beef that had been boiled, fried, and stewed. They ate pieces of meat which didn’t look dainty or pretty; Bokoto, Saki, Ahan, Ofun, fuku, edo!  That’s cow foot, tripe, tong, liver, kidney and so on! I used to be embarrassed as a teenager having to explain to my non-Nigerian friends why there were pieces of chicken foot in my mum’s plate! Now I love the way Nigerians hold on stubbornly to eating every edible part of a cow; ignoring the irritating vogue of cling filmed meat looking perfect in supermarkets . I now proudly tell my non-Nigerian friends that ‘we’ respect the importance of living sustainably, ‘it’s not all about recycling bottles you know’, we eat everything – waste not, want not, we are deep like that.

So I immerse myself in Nigerian cooking and God knows its long!  boiling, frying and stewing! I left out the assorted meat shhhhhhhhh but I am not a huge fan of tripe, tong, liver etc, except for Oxtail! I will blow my healthy eating habits completely, adding palm oil here, knor there, frying the fish, frying the gizzard. I even found ogiri in the market (fermented pumpkin seed), now that will go in my efo and peppered stew.  On the menu is Efo elegusi, peppered stew, fried and stewed fish, oxtail, dodo and gizzard. If you are reading this and you have never experienced Nigerian food, you are dulling! When I cook I come correct, with passion.  For me cooking is an expression of love, of friendship and a desire to see others pleasured. Good cooking is like good sex, you just can’t rush it. So when people ask me for my recipes I will share it freely. But the secret ingredient I can’t give you is patience and timing, people are always looking for short cuts;  one night stands, easy money, friends with benefits, sugar mummies. Good food like good sex or any lasting relationship needs time. Fine Nigerian dishes need a solid foundation and that’s simply fresh and fine ingredients (cheap ingredients taste cheap). And remember,  patience and timing. People often ask how I make my peppered stew, some call it red ayamase, the one with eggs, they can’t quite believe the simplicity of this stew; simple ingredients cooked slowly in palm oil for up to two hours or more; don’t  just throw things in the pot, marinate it, build it up; cooking need not be complicated.

Recipe peppered stew


  1. Mixed Peppers –  Red and Green
  2. Scotch Bonnet – To taste
  3. Onions – Red and White
  4. Plum or chopped tomatoes – a can
  5. Ogiri – a smidgen
  6. Blend all the above ingredients.
  7. Heat your palm oil, be as generous as you dare. However, you must, must heat it slowly, with the lid covered ((this is important for flavour) for up to an hour or two. It must be on low heat or else you will burn the palm oil.
  8. Now pour your peppered mixture in and cover and cook for another two hours – it requires patience.

Your meat

  1. Buy a cut that lends itself to slow cooking, we Nigerians like to murder the meat after its dead but stay with us, it taste sooo good. Leg of Beef is the cut you need. Season it with Knor and onions only, boil and fry – deep fryer yields the best result.
  2. Pour some or all the stock in your cooking pepper mixture above, cook it some more, now wait  until you see palm oil floating on your peppered stew – its ready, now pour in your fried meat and switch off the cooker immediately.
  3. Boil your eggs and use as garnish. Thank me on the blog!!