Tips for Swimwear season.


I am not ageists, just realistic. And like all realists I like to prepare for anything I do including going on holiday, because let’s face it, after a certain age ( 39 in my case) you just don’t “wake up like this”!

So when I’m about to go on holiday, especially to a city renowned for its glamourous ladies, naked bodies, beautiful skin, gosh I go into overdrive!. Now, some people might say this is all vanity and my response to that is! Duhhhhhhhh of course it is! I own my vanity. And you know what I’m glad I was prepared for Miami! What a sexy city!

So here are my top tips for preparing for holiday especially if swimwear will be involved.

  1. A month before you travel cut down on your sugar intake! Not necessarily for weight loss, but for your skin. Nothing looks as great as bare skin with a flash of bright lipstick in the sun! and nothing, bar cigarets ages you more than sugar! So dump the sugar in your breakfast cereals, breakfast bar, ice cream, sweets, and some breads for that glow, because sugar is the enemy of great skin.
  2. You have a month to go! You wanna lose body fat – how? Track your diet! Don’t just reduce your calories to 1,000 or less! But balance your carbs, your protein and fats and reduce your calories to no lower than 1,400 ( I am 5:5 I never go lower than this ever, otherwise crazy things happen to my hormones and it’s just pointless!) if you are taller you may even need more! Do not be afraid to eat! I get into my best shapes when I eat really well and train dirty! if you increase your protein intake you will never be hungry! Lean protein sources like chicken breast, turkey breast, and  most white fish will keep you full for longer. Use my fitness pal ( the app) to work out the balance between fat and protein and carbs! It will change your life!
  3. Three weeks before you go reduce diary. If like me you are prone to water retention or bloating you may want to try eliminating diary to observe the effects. Every time I do this I become less puffy, hold less water and my belly becomes super tight. I also notice that my skin becomes clearer. I’m now considering giving up on diary completely; I’m not saying never ever again, but not as often as I do now. Also, 85% of black people, mostly Africans do not have the requisite enzyme to digest diary well, surely an indicator that it’s not for our constitution. You’ll find that most body builders remove diary from their diet leading up to a competition for that lean look, you’re just doing yours for the beach.
  4. Three weeks before you go Increase your water intake! Minimum 2 litters a day! You should be doing this everyday anyway! But we all know how it goes! Scientific research shows that if two people are on the same diet, the person who increases their water intake will lose more body fat than the other who doesn’t. That’s just facts. So just do it. Is there a correlation between more water and clearer skin? Research says no! I know! I was shocked too! however more water does gives the skin a plumper look and this in turn minimises the appearance of fine lines. Also if you are bloated, you need to start hydrating, this will trick your body to flush out the water it’s holding for that lean appearance
  5. Two weeks to go! Reduce your salt intake. And if you can do it at one monthto go, do it! My beach trick is to dump salt! Including knor and artificial seasonings! All of it! I’m gangsta. Your body only needs half a gram of salt a day! But that’s almost impossible unless you make every single meal you eat yourself. Realistically 5 grams would do. That’s closer to the guideline. But if you eat processed food you are eating way way more than that! Because salt and sugar are cheap food flavour enhancers.  I stop eating bread 2 weeks before a holiday because it holds as much salt as a serving of crisps but it’s blended in, you wouldn’t even taste it!  I cook all my meals without salt, no maggi, fresh herbs only. My skin immediately looks better, i hate makeup on holiday so every little helps! I also I lose water weight quickly, my stomach is flatter – there is no downside
  6.  Still at two weeks to go! swap vegetables that are prone to bloat with those that don’t bloat. I don’t digest some fruits and vegetables well; it’s not me it’s the veggies and fruits! So I avoid broccoli, Kale, apples and pears especially.
  7. One week to go if you still suffer from bloating ( this is the bane of my life) try dandelion tea
  8.  2 days to go I stop exercising, Somehow a break from the gym or outdoor training reduces any body swelling possibly caused by the stresses of lifting weight.
  9. A day to go – spray tan! Yes I know I’m black!  but trust me it’s not in your face orange, and it evens out the skin tone – those faint stretch marks, the hyper pigmentation on the bum etc watch them all even out! Thank me later
  10. Finally! whatever you do – do not drink alcohol on the plane! It makes water retention and  swelling worse

IMG_7258Have fun when you get there eat and drink whatever!!!!!!

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