How to make a come back?

blog-picWhen I started this blog, I knew that I enjoyed writing, that I loved engaging, and that I had some opinions worth sharing. I started, then stopped.  As with many things soldering on is the hardest part, especially when you feel you aren’t getting anything from it,  and you know what?  I feel I’ve always had to solider on. The biggest drain on my spare time, my energy is the charity I also run, Path to Possibilities. Over the last few years I’ve concentrated efforts on trying to grow it – has it grown? well that depends on how you measure growth. All I know is that I’ve missed writing, and I’ve missed engaging, and if there is anyone out there that wants to hear from me again, please comment – it makes me want to do it when I see people engaging – and I’m prepared to post once a week – New Year Resolution!!  I don’t know how to make a come back, but I’ll try. Suggestions welcome.

8 thoughts on “How to make a come back?

  1. I love to read your post on FB because one just never knows what next is coming….I will be one of you big fans!!! so please come back as I know whatever you write will def be fantastic!!!!


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