Why she looks older than her husband


Sometimes I hear men, including my own hubby, express horror at how some women look much older than their husbands. On these occasions my husband will say something like “Are you serious that’s his wife? I will look on with a blank expression, he will respond with “Seriously is she older than him”? When I confirm that the said woman is his wife, and no, she is not older, he will look at me intensely and say ” so you don’t think she looks older?” before I can even answer, he will say “she looks like his mum.” I will take a deep breath and say nothing. Or I’ll point out that the dude in question isn’t exactly Adonis. But if I’m honest he is always almost right, the wife is most likely looking much older, but I never confirm it because I feel to do so would be a betrayal. A betrayal of the sisterhood. I empathise with what is making them look older; chores!! Doing more bloody domestic chores!! and working full time! I’m not joking. Research shows that married women still do more chores on average than their husbands. If you do 80% of the chores in your house you will age before him. If you take on 80% of the child care responsibility you will age before him. If you work full time while doing all of this, you will age before him. Hard work ages.

Of course this is all vanity and some women completely adore doing all the chores, they positively love it they say, all I am saying is that there are consequences to these imbalances; vanity related consequences, and of course vanity may not mean jack to you, why should looks matter when you are being a wonderful wife. I agree. But men are visual creatures they say, after a while those hard palms, evidence of all the pounded yam you made and fed him, those hands will feel like sandpaper on his back. The wringles you developed will remind him of a witch’s frown – So my sisters let’s divide the chores more equally and grow old at the same pace, but if you clearly love doing all the housework and you don’t mind ageing faster than your husband maybe buy Cream de Lamer, because it’s not only familiarity that breeds contempt, aging does too. But wait a minute! Love conquers all? abeg leave that love talk for now.

4 thoughts on “Why she looks older than her husband

  1. You know you should also discuss why some women die young and unfortunately that is the hard fact of life because they are over-worked. A friend of mine lost her sister recently and it was related to some of the issues you have discussed in your blog. The call them super aunties, 24/7 church workers, they never stop, they end up in an early grave. If it sounds negative it is because it is true!


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