Relationship Advice for my Daugther

  1. mama and daughter
  1. You are responsible for your own happiness. Happiness is a choice.
  2. You can call your mother in-law mum till you are blue in the face. But you only have one mother.  Me.  Only one woman gatz you like that.
  3.  You get the friends you deserve. If all your friends are mean, shitty or backstabbing bitches, it’s time to check yourself.
  4. Your life should not revolve around your husband, your children, or your career. Find a balance. Don’t forget your own needs.
  5. It’s okay not to want to have children. This is not your purpose on earth. It is a choice.
  6. He who pays the piper calls the tunes. No matter how much he loves you, if you are financially dependent on him; without your own interests or income, trust me,  you will soon become a bore, a liability, a nuisance.
  7. No man worth marrying wants an obedient and submissive partner. Till they die men like the chase, the excitement, the challenge! as do we.
  8. Don’t let him dictate or direct your fashion sense – why would you want to give someone else power over a key aspect of how you express yourself?
  9. Don’t suffocate him!! Let him pursue and enjoy interests outside of your union, as should you.
  10. Sex and food solves all arguments.Sent from my iPhone

2 thoughts on “Relationship Advice for my Daugther

  1. Ruby, I really really really believe in number 5! I am often surprised at the way some people treat women who choose not to have children versus men who make the same choice. And I also don’t think I was put on earth to procreate of course my daugther can choose to disagree! As always I am grateful for your comment.


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