Lupita this, Lupita that.

lupita-nyong-o-19th-critics-choice-movie_4027665I am not a hater. Lupita is wildly talented. But seriously, people are beginning to get on my nerves with comments about how refreshing her dark afro and dark skin tone is ” oh it’s so nice to see a different type of black beauty represented in mainstream media”

Alek Wek and Grace Jones must be fuming!!!! What? they weren’t pretty and cuddly enough? To be honest I’m not even bothered about people so quickly wanting to forget about the powerful images these women put out, it’s all good. What’s irritating, is that people aren’t commenting on the beautiful Lupita and leaving it at that, they are making these comments, and simultaneously  ridiculing other stunningly beautiful black women,  calling them out for being  fairer, all weaved up and overtly sexual.  So here is my gripe, we as black women cannot expect others to embrace the diverse beauty amongst us when we don’t do the same ourselves.  I celebrate Lupita for her talent, beauty, elegance and style.  I equally celebrate Beyoncé for her full on,  in your face weaved up,  24 inch Peruvian hair, fanning!!!!.  We don’t have to have a one in, one out mentality,  freedom comes from embracing diversity. Can I finish by calling out some hypocrites!!! All of a sudden these dudes are checking on Lupita abi? When was the last time you saw a fine bro  with a Gorimapa Lupita look alike? And to all my beautiful sisters shouting about  how much her look is refreshing, ” Lupita this, Lupita that”, abegiiiiiiiiiiiii when was the last time you stepped out in your natural afro.?

10 thoughts on “Lupita this, Lupita that.

  1. Actually, if I’m to be candid here, I can’t see the beauty at all. She looks like a man in a dress. Maybe it’s the picture sha o. And I’m not against natural beauty – it’s great and liberating, but I don’t think this depicts it.


  2. Today….I stepped out in my natural afro today!

    The names u mentioned where celebrated when they were first introduced years ago.
    Lupita was only just introduced to us The novelty will wear off it always does and If u don’t get that… Well, I can’t help you with that.


  3. Your article is typical of an average black person, never supprtive of one another. So what is wrong if they celeberate her? Be supportive – she represents all black people in a positive way. Why can’t that be enough?


  4. Your article is typical of an average Nigerian / African that is not supportive of his or her fellow kinsmen.

    So what if they celebrate her immensely? Be supportive. Surely her celebration in the media can only do the black race good.

    Please let us be supportive of one another. We need good people in the media that portray the black image especially the black African woman image in a positive light. The fact that Lupita, does not feel the need to put on weaves to feel beautiful is definitely something to celebrate especially in a country like Nigeria where 4 year old wear weaves. – Honestly what are we teaching our young ones.

    In all, i know everyone is entitled to have opinions but i think yours is so simplistic that it fails to see the advantages of Lupita image stance.

    We have real problems in Africa that can only be solved if we are united – this is not the time to hate!


  5. The fact is Hollywood and the mainstream media is always quick to celebrate anything remotely different from the norm especially around Awards season and since most people follow and copy everything “Hollywood” hence the “Lupita this, Lupita that”. This happened with Gabby Sidibe a few years ago, everyone raving about how talented she was in the movie “Precious”, interviews with Good Morning America, Oprah etc and after Awards season no one casted her in their movies….eh! Quite simply, Fat and black don’t work! It’ll be interesting to see how many Directors will offer Lupita movie roles within the year…..maybe Afro and black will do the trick this time!!!


  6. To be fair, you have a point, albeit simplistic. But you’re actually a hater. Anything that makes you feel the need to protect your person or your character before an utterance shows this. “I’m not a racist but”, “I’m not homophobic but” and yes, yours truly, “I’m not a hater but”. You’re not the only one guilty of this though, as from time to time I do indulge myself. On your piece itself I would like to say its nice to see Luptia in the World’s eye. I don’t know about you, but where am from people never told me we could dream so big and so large and it could come through. I wasn’t told I could become an astronaut and that one day, if I worked hard enough and was diligent I could literally work and walk in space. Lupita has achieved things people, either because of where they are from, or he colour of their skin, or the way they look think impossible to achieve. Lupita will give people hope that they can achieve a whole lot of things, even if they don’t meet the World’s current definition of “beautiful”. Say what you want,but how come Genevieve hasn’t gotten a big starring role in Hollywood yet? She didn’t even get the lead in Chimamanda’s “Half of a Yellow Sun”. This is not to take away from the person that is Genevieve, who for all I know is a nice, beautiful, talented and hard-working actress, I just wonder, if it was her in the World’s eye instead of Lupita would you be taking out your laptop to write a defence for the Luptias of this world, the ones that in your words cannot “step out in their natural afros, and you never see with fine boys because of their gorimapa”? I don’t think you would. What I’ve learnt in life is in order not to be mean and come across as a hater, and to pass on the right message spend as much time accentuating positives as well as negatives. For all the good Luptia has done you were able to distil, shake, trap and summarise it in 4 words “Lupita is wildly talented”. For someone that I just recently saw in Shuga and then now winning golden globes (not because of the colour of her skin) I think you do her a great disservice. And just so you know, a lot of “fine boys” would rather have a Lupita on their arm, than a money grabbing, long-haired, make-up ridden, gold digging, “beautiful” babe, that doesn’t know the value of hard-work and want’s it all easy in life. In the end everyone wants an asset over a liability.


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